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Luciano Floridi

Luciano Floridi est professeur au département de philosophie de l’université d’Oxford (Angleterre). Il a dirigé la publication de Philosophy of Computing and Information (2004) ; et il est l’auteur de Philosophy and Computing. An introduction (1999).

Publications récentes :

-  "On the Logical Unsolvability of the Gettier Problem", Synthese, 2004, 142.1, pp. 61-79.
-  (with Gian Maria Greco) "The Tragedy of the Digital Commons", Ethics and Information Technology, 2004, 6.2, 73-82.
-  "From the Philosophy of AI to the Philosophy of Information", invited contribution to The Philosophers’ Magazine 2004, 28.4, pp. 56-60.
-  "Informational Realism" in Computers and Philosophy 2003 - Selected Papers from the Computer and Philosophy conference (CAP 2003), Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology, 37, 2004, edited by J. Weckert. and Y. Al-Saggaf, ACS, pp. 7-12.
-  (with Jeff Sanders), "On the Morality of Artificial Agents", Minds and Machines, 2004, 14.3, pp. 349-379 .
-  "Open Problems in the Philosophy of Information", Metaphilosophy, 2004, 35.4, pp. 554-582.
-  (with Jeff Sanders) "Mapping the Foundationalist Debate in Computer Ethics", a revised version of "Computer Ethics : Mapping the Foundationalist Debate", Ethics and Information Technology 2002 (4.1), 1-9, published in the second edition of Spinello R. and Tavani H. (eds.), Readings in Cyberethics (Boston : Jones and Bartlett), 81-95.
-  (with Jeff Sanders), "The Method of Abstraction", invited chapter for the Yearbook of the Artificial (Issue II, 2004, Peter Lang) dedicated to "Models in contemporary sciences", pp. 177-220.
-  "Afterword - LIS as Applied Philosophy of Information : a Reappraisal", Library Trends, 52(3), 2004.
-  "Outline of a Theory of Strongly Semantic Information" Minds and Machines, 2004, 14.2, pp. 197-222.
-  "Information Ethics : From Case-based Analyses to Theoretical Foundations" ETHICOMP Journal.

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